Elaine Lorenz

I would like to commend the art handlers (Troy and friend) that you sent to pick a sculpture at my house in Hawthorne, NJ today. They were so careful and knowledgeable about dealing with artwork and I learned much from them. They were both very nice and friendly also and did not make me feel like they were rushing the packing. I will recommend your company to the Sculptors Guild in NY, that I am a past president of and to my gallery. Thanks, again!

Elaine Lorenz

REED Exhibition

Dear Tom and all,
I hope you had a good weekend. The New Haven client today, Susan, was thrilled with your team. I wanted to forward along her note to share with you and your colleagues:

Your people today were exceptional.  I am sorry I can’t remember their names.  They we each very patient and careful with the work.  Courteous and polite.  Taking time to make certain I was aware of any issues with the work and bringing any concerns they had to my attention.  They were especially helpful when an issue arose because I had mis-measured something.

Please let them know how much their work was appreciated.

Thank you for the great job they did. ..Susan

Excellent work!!! My thanks to all

I just wanted to say what a great job Troy and the team did this week. Last Tuesday I told Troy that I was coming down with something and we needed to get the job done as fast as possible just in case. And I’m so grateful to him and all the guys— we got it done just in time! Their skill, professionalism and calm always impresses everyone in the office and instills confidence in everyone who comes in contact with them. They make my job so much easier. I appreciate them so much. And thanks to all of you for working with us with this crazy construction schedule!

Godwin-Ternbach Museum

Just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to you and the delivery team as they were extremely professional and helpful.  We are a very small operation and are very grateful to the guys for helping us out with the delivery and transport of the crates.  Thank you all!


Maria C. Rhor ( Co-Director)
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