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Organization is a priority of WelPak Corp. & TK Fine Arts Services.

Non Climate Storage

For less sensitive items WelPak Corp. & TK Fine Arts Services offers non climate storage services in its fireproof, alarmed, clean, gas heated facility. Short or long terms rates are available.


Climate Controlled Art Storage


WelPak Corp. & TK Fine Arts Services climate controlled storage facilities are modern, fire proof, and alarmed to ensure maximum protection and safety. Private storage areas are available in a variety of sizes for short and long term storage. All artworks, high quality antiques, and other valuable items held in storage are individually inspected, professionally wrap protected and inventoried, using our computer tracking system. Recall of one or all items can be arranged on a daily basis. Full replacement value coverage for all items stored at WelPak Corp. & TK Fine Arts Services’s facilities is available upon customer request.  A Private Viewing room for on-site inspections, appraisals, or photographing is also available.

Warehousing Services

WelPak Corp. & TK Fine Arts Services climate controlled storage and warehousing services include consolidation services allowing art galleries, museums and private collectors the necessary time to complete construction or renovations before art shows or exhibits are opened. Artworks shipped from various artists for specific exhibitions can be consolidated into one shipment. Artworks returning to artists, museums or galleries can be gathered collectively and exported individually.

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