While some may argue that nothing is more quintessentially American than football, others, including those of us at Welpak Corp., would argue that there is something else that should be given this title. What is more American than Norman Rockwell’s paintings depicting everyday American life? A painter and illustrator, Rockwell is best known for his cover illustrations that appeared on The Saturday Evening Post for more than four decades.

Among the countless paintings and illustrations Rockwell created, some may stand out more than others. The “Four Freedoms” pieces, “Triple Self Portrait,” “The Doctor and the Doll,” “The Runaway” and “After the Prom,” plus countless other illustrations are still iconic in the world today. There are other Rockwell pieces though, that may not have garnered as much attention as these particular pieces, yet are every bit as deserving. Rockwell’s one painting, “Sport,” which was featured on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post in 1939 is one of those paintings (albeit it still features the distinctive Rockwell style). Though, we here at Welpak Corp. think every Rockwell piece is a chef d’oeuvre.

“Sport” is a painting that features a man fishing who is wearing a yellow raincoat sitting in a rowboat named none other than SPORT. As simple as it may seem, the man is being drenched with rain and even has his pipe upside down in his mouth. As an art moving and storage facility, we here at Welpak Corp. have seen this painting before and were pleased to be able to recover it earlier this year.

In 2013, this Rockwell piece was sold at auction for $1,085,000.  But shortly after it’s auction date, the painting went missing. However, Welpak and investigator Dean Golemis, were able to find and recover the painting in March of this year. For us at Welpak Corp., art is a priceless medium. We are thrilled that the painting was recovered and is in a good condition.

As an artwork and antiques storage facility, Welpak Corp. understands how crucial it is for pieces of art like “Sport” to remain in pristine condition. Proper temperature and humidity controls are a part of the climate-controlled facilities we have that ensure artwork can be seen and appreciated by future generations.

There may be nothing more American than a Norman Rockwell painting, and it is decidedly important that those paintings are stored in climate-controlled places, to ensure the condition of the artwork is preserved and maintained. At Welpak Corp., we take art seriously and know that keeping a painting like “Sport” in good condition will enable more people to enjoy an American classic for years to come.

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